Saturday, October 16, 2010

white and black

ok, so i'm unconditionally, absolutely, head-over-heels, in love with my dog. i'm looking forward to children, because if i can love a person more than i dog it will be wonderful. i love this dog so much, she gets away with pretty much everything and anything she wants. she is a HUGE cuddler- thus when we are not playing- we are cuddling. i have approximately a million pictures of her- because she is always doing something cuter than the last time. however, last night she maxed out- i got home a bit late/early *depending on how you look at clocks* and when i opened my bedroom door to grab my pajamas- she leapt onto the bed and was asleep when i got back---usually its my side of the bed, but she was so cozy looking she won. she didn't move all night- except to nuzzle her sweet nose into my neck- and snore...alas, it was wonderful :)
*** be aware, this is the first- of i'm sure, many many dog posts

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