Wednesday, October 13, 2010


this post is for my sister- who has asked for a step-by-step food cooking post: what i did in pictures and caption...

set oven to 350*

split spaghetti squash in half and remove seeds with a strong spoon: warning!! you will bend spoons with this

we then take our sweet potato- peel it, then cut it into the sizes you desire- tonight i went with the "fry" shape

next line your sheet pan with foil (because who wants to scrub that??!!)
heavily salt and pepper the inside of your squash + 2 tsp (ish) of butter or oil and
some small dice onion- i think i used about 2 tbs in each

nommmm nommmm nommmm

my sweet potato fries- on the foiled sheet tray i tossed it in olive oil
(not extra virgin, if you can help it- too fruity- use a neutral oil- canola, veg, or regular olive)
and salt and pepper

you want to put these in the oven for 30 minutes- i added them at the same time i put
the squash- just pull them out earlier- i broiled them until they were crispier as i finished pulling the flesh from the squash skin

left over onion for the spinach

note: i used about half a stick of butter for this whole meal- i consumed half of this tonight-
thus i only actually consumed 2tbs of butter- and butter makes everything better

butter in the pan for for spinach

add onion + salt (initially)- you want to sweat it to soften, not brown

frozen spinach = amazing! *and cheaper*

the sweating onions...

once the onions are soft *5 minutes or so* add the spinach and about 2 tbsp of water *it will evaporate*

roasting squash...nom nom nom...for 1 hour or until it pulls away from the skin easily

flesh pulling away from the skin...nommers

dinner- i ended up adding maple syrup to the potato...

well JB- i hope you enjoyed reading about my dinner- i hope you do this sometime :)

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