Monday, October 11, 2010

Orange and Yellow

Well, yesterday was a fantastic day- I won my first tennis match in quite a few years. I was pretty proud of myself- I was playing well, both physically and mentally. Often it is my mental game that gives way before my body does- but yesterday it all went very well. I thought I had a second match in the early afternoon, but I'm a dumb ass sometimes and forget to write things in my calendar- or write them there, but forget to double check it- so in fact, my match is NEXT Sunday- so I played tennis Sunday (and won) and am helping with lessons for 4 year olds today (monday) and am hitting with my new tennis buddy tomorrow after work. It feels good to a) be this active again and b) the activity be tennis. I forgot how much I love,love,love,love,love this game. [this was "yellow"]

I'm embracing this fall season with squash- so far I've had roasted acorn squash and roasted spaghetti squash- roasting the spaghetti squash is new to me because I was raised steaming it- and that is a tasty preparation- roasting is AMAZING. So, this week I have most nights off- enter squash for dinner!! However, the orange comes into play with trying to add more veggies into my diet- so this morning I added canned pumpkin to cottage cheese and fruit- it needed something- I think tomorrow I'll add some nutmeg and sugar...otherwise, its a great source of protein, a serving of veg, and fruit all for breakfast. win. TONIGHT I'm making roasted pumpkin soup- IN the pumpkin. I got this idea off of The Front Burner Blog- but I'm taking it in a slightly different direction. She roasts the pumpkin first then adds the liquid to finish it- it was essentially chili in the bowl then you eat the roasted pumpkin. I'm planning on roasting the pumpkin with sauteed mire poix- then adding homemade veg stock to finish the cooking, pulling the meat of the pumpkin out then blending with my immersion blender. *love this thing*

My friend, B, is coming over to join me for pumpkin soup- so I'll beef up the meal with gnocci in a brown butter sage sauce- its Trader Joe's gnocci I've had in my pantry for way too long- but discovered it last week when cleaning out the pantry. double win.

Now to teach the four year olds how to enjoy serving :)

On a completely random note: my roommates dog LOVES to chase squirrels, today at Target I saw a squirrel costume for dogs for Halloween...if Sami hadn't already picked out the Chick-fil-a cow as her costume, she would totally be a squirrel...this could be Sami...hahahahahahahahahaha :)

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