Monday, September 20, 2010

Green + Brown

Two of the basic colors of my days recently are brown/black and green...that's right, I'm planting a garden- I tried one last year, but didn't really give it the attention it needed and turned a blind eye to the dogs, who so love to run through the fresh soil.

This year is different- I planted the seeds in a make-shift greenhouse environment, watching them grow like weeds, and have been slowly transferring them to the ground as they get strong enough in the "greenhouse". I have watered the soil, enriched it with compost material, turned it, and watered it some more. Hopefully this year will be a fruitful garden...thus far I have planted radishes, cucumbers, green beans, squash mix, and chard- in the greenhouse it looks like the spinach and carrots are ready to go in the ground tonight. I've been planting in the evening because I think that the cool nights are easier for the roots that the hot days of summer that won't let go...

the best part of the fall, at least...

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