Thursday, September 23, 2010

The day in YELLOW

well, yellow-ish green...I have recently picked up playing tennis in a league- through which is a branch of USTA. Atlanta is great for tennis playing- having both USTA and ALTA available. This Flex League seems like it will be a great match *no pun intended* for what I need- no set play time or location and its singles :) now, if I could win here or there it would be fabulous, but for now I'll just settle for playing at least once a week. SOOO...last week when I was playing I broke a string, fortunately I had a back-up racquet. I took the broken one to DeKalb Tennis Center- when I went to pick it up today I met a guy who want to play on Wednesday- maybe this guy will not be too hungover to play *cough*Sheldon*cough* I've also tentatively decided it is time for a new racquet- the guy at DTC said Sandy Springs has a good selection- I'll keep you posted *damn the puns!* on how that goes...I could talk for hours about tennis and how much I enjoy it- but I will stop and save it for another day.

The other yellow part of my day was actually yesterday, but I was still discussing it today- so I think it counts...

That is all- we'll see what colors tomorrow brings...

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