Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Color Yellow

Today is brought to you by the color yellow- and a few of its derivatives. We'll start with cleaning- I love to clean. I always feel so much better after its done- and, dare I say it, I gain a lot of satisfaction out of taking a mess and putting it in order. It is also fun scarring Sami with the vacuum- everytime it comes out she is surprised how it turns on and makes so much noise :)

Then I decided to organize my closet by colors- well, one of my closets- I have 3...I know many people have always kept their closet coordinated by color, but it has never made much sense to me...sleeve length has always seemed logical- but alas, I have kept no order to my closets lately- as I primarily wear chef pants, white undershirt, and a coat....and pajamas :) so this is my new-and-improved closet...

Also, I worked on some pickling ideas for tomorrow at work- Ms. Waters and Mrs. Reichl helped :) I'll let you know how peppers *yes, just like Peter Piper who picked pickled peppers* and plums go tomorrow :)

Last, but certainly not least, I am wanting to add more black and white (possibly some grey) to my life- combining these four images...please feel free to give me any input in how to do this...

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