Friday, November 12, 2010


what color is friday? to me, most days have colors- i guess according to their stress level- so my "normal" thursday to saturday colors are dark and hot colors- think deep reds and oranges- so tonight, being an "unnormal" friday night off- i guess the color would be a muted rose color...i'm curled up, in bed, dog at my side, movie ready to start, full belly and cake for tomorrow- its 931pm...this is what this 25 year old enjoys doing.
i wonder what i'll enjoying doing on friday nights in 5 years? will it be hanging out with friends? watching my baby sleep? or still making the best food out of the produce farmers bring me? where will i be in 10 years? beginning some new friday night tradition with a little family of mine- going to watch the local high school football team? traveling home after a day at work? getting ready for an event on saturday? i can't even get to 15 years...

as afore mentioned- my relaxing colors are muted- so when i look into the future i see muted colors, though i know when i get there they will get sharper and more distinct- just as when i look into the future all i can see are hazy images of what i want to come true...sometimes i just want to wake up in 5 years or 10 years and see what has happened...but then i would miss the moments that built up to them...why did i chose A over B? why is this person looking at me this way? *like the worst blackout ever*

question of the day: if you could travel forward or backwards in time, which way would you go? you stay for a week and then return to the present merely seconds after you left...

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