Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Drum roll to the much anticipated pumpkin soup + burgers post...i thought i'd take this post to a newer FUNNER level and delve into what happens while i'm cooking- good news, its fun. i'll just caption everything from here on out...enjoy!

Jbrown has expertly quartered and is beginning to seed the pumpkin.
She LOVES pumpkin seeds- so she is saving them in the green bowl.

Quarter of pumpkin with seeds...

Place the seeded-quarters of pumpkin on sheet trays-
as with the other squash- we are going to liberally salt and pepper-
for this application we are going to use olive oil- though butter is fine.

into the oven they go...375 until tender- this took about an hour

in the mean time...

Sami is supervising...

the gin and tonics- which are really responsible for my
excellent cuisine :)
*can i note how much i LOVE these rocks glasses- i believe they
are a grandparents somewhere down the line...

Touch Down makes fantastic g + t's

Jbrown put her seeds in water to allow the gunk to sift away

mine looks empty...

while the pumpkin is roasting and your assistant is making gin and tonics
get your vegetable stock rolling...basic mire pox + water

these are sami's toys for the evening- her new mummy toy and a carrot...
not to eat, just to play with...

veggie stock 
diced onion for the soup base- i added 1 whole onion to a large pot with olive oil
and after they had sweated out a minute or two, add carrot and celery and garlic

we had munchies- these are mozzerella sticks...

our supervisor...disappointed in the lack of quality control
she has participated in thus far

the pots a stewin'

base for the soup- don't forget to season, season, season (salt, salt, salt)
each layer of our soup...

on the other side- TD was making burgers- this time he added sauteed
onions- in half he added pickled hot hot

and our cheese options- cheddar, gouda, grueyer, and the mystery cheese

someone was excited about halloween and put on her flower costume :)

we then pull the "meat" out of the pumpkin and add it to our sauteed mire poix in the big pot

researching how to best season the seeds this year...

after straining the veggie stock add it to the pumpkin mix...SALT HERE

in true Alton Brown fashion, we'll call this our "Soup Station"- we move from right to left
cooked, unblended soup--> blender *in small batches, not too full b/c its hot!!-->fresh pot to heat uniformly

may or may not have a couple gin and tonics at this point...

mmm...ssseeeeedddsss...sweet and salty was the consensus

still in costume...

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